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[tor-talk] TorWall - experimental transparent Tor proxy for Windows

Hi all,

I thought I'd introduce an experimental mini-project of mine: TorWall (Tor fireWall) - transparent Tor for Windows.

In a nutshell, TorWall does two things:
1) It (transparently) reroutes all HTTP traffic through the Tor anonymity network; and
2) It blocks all non-Tor traffic (including DNS) to and from your computer.

TorWall is similar to running Tor as a transparent proxy under Linux.  Whilst Linux uses iptables, the TorWall implementation uses WinDivert (http://reqrypt.org/windivert.html), which is also a project of mine.

The main advantage of TorWall is that it works with any web browser (without re-configuration), including Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.  The firewall component is can also prevent leaks (e.g. DNS leaks) whilst TorWall is running.  Note that TorWall blocks *all* other traffic, so (for example) a corrupt plugin cannot leak information via a non-HTTP traffic.  To help prevent leaks via HTTP TorWall also routes web traffic through Privoxy.

There are some disadvantages to this approach as well.  The TorBorwserBundle contains a browser specifically designed for Tor.  Also, the current TorWall prototype does not support HTTPS.

Anyway, this was written mostly for fun.  Try it out if you want to:
- Website: http://reqrypt.org/torwall.html
- Repository: https://github.com/basil00/TorWall

Note that the current implementation is a prototype, so obviously it should not be relied on.


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