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Re: [tor-talk] Speculation: Next 10 years of Tor?

Il 7/4/13 8:58 PM, grarpamp ha scritto:
Tor's been around in force for 10+ years.
In that time it has experienced many things and been used in many ways.
Where will, or will not, Tor be 10+ years from now, and why?
I belive that:
- Exit Based anonymity is going to die in few years (i think in US it's already dead)
- Darknet will replace most internet-uses for anonymous communications
- Tor will became used mostly as a software library
- Tor will be integrated in many third part software, like libssl or libotr
- Tor will improve it's networking capabilities, with P2P approach more similar to GnuNET (Nat bypass, UDP, etc)

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