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Re: [tor-talk] TorWall - experimental transparent Tor proxy for Windows

On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 8:34 PM, reqrypt <basil@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> I thought I'd introduce an experimental mini-project of mine:
>  TorWall (Tor fireWall) - transparent Tor for Windows...

can you explain more about the following signer of the pre-built driver?

who maintains updates to the built driver when security or other
source updates are available?

NEW: As of version 1.0.4 the WinDivert.sys driver distributed in the
above binary packages is signed by Nemea Mjukvaruutveckling (Nemea
Software Development). Software projects can now use this driver
without the need to acquire a valid kernel-mode code-signing
certificate. We thank Nemea for their support.

NOTE: In order to user WinDivert, please ensure that:

You sign (or test-sign) the WinDivert.sys driver. Note that this step
is no longer required for the WinDivert.sys driver distributed in the
above binary packages. Commercial WinDivert users may still wish to
sign the driver with their own company's certificate.
You use the 32-bit WinDivert.sys for 32-bit Windows, and the 64-bit
WinDivert.sys for 64-bit windows.
You are running with Administrator privileges.

best regards,
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