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Re: [tor-talk] Tor for upcoming FirefoxOS?

Burkhard Schroeder <burks@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>On 02-Jul-13 11:39 PM, Nathan Freitas wrote:
>> However, I think *someone* should start working on a lightweight
>> Tor javascript client now, just to see whether or not it is
>> possible, because I think it could have great impact.
>Javascript should always be OFF. What is the idea to enable something
>with Javascript??

That is the rub, obviously. A FirefoxOS phone is built around the concept of JavaScript as the primary application programming language. If JavaScript is off, then the phone might as well be bricked.

What I was suggesting was to explore the possibilities of a JS version of Tor within the limited bounds of what would be possible with that context, I.e. not strong anonymity or defense against remote JS exploits.

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