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[tor-talk] Consensus Health Checker Check


How do I know that the Consensus Health Checker checked a consensus?
(How do I check the Consensus Health Checker?)

I get emails like
'WARNING: $warning_text $authority1' for the consensuses 00:00, 01:00,
03:00, 04:00, 07:00 (pulled out of my head)

Since I got no mails for 02:00, 05:00 and 06:00, the warning does not
seem to have occurred then, while it *could* be the case that it did
occur but the checker did not check. Dannenberg made me think that this
could be the case since, according to Atlas, powered by data from
Onionoo, it was not running and would be unable to respond to requests.

Supposed the checker worked and there won't be any problem with the
consensus for, let's say, a month.... How to see if there's actually no
problem with the consensus(es) or if the checker is down? (How to check
the checker?)

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