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Re: [tor-talk] Off topic. What's the extent of the spying

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This is exactly what I ask myself since one or two weeks. First it must be clear that a large amount of tor nodes is located in Germany. Next it must be clear that the biggest IP Exchange is in Frankfurt and that this will be snooped by BND and | or NSA. It is a fact that they work closely together and dont care about german laws. It must be also clear that there should be no technical problem gathering all traffic caused by the tor network. Its just some thousand nodes. If you were a NSA member: would you NOT try a lot getting as much of these data as you ever can get? Wouldnt you try to make a deal with all your partner organizations getting all data they snoop so you can fit them together? Wouldnt you try to steal as much private onion keys as possible from tor servers in the net? We all have seen the cowardly behaviour of mustly any government in the world regarding the asylum requests of Snowden. If so, which government will refuse collecting tor data and handing them out to the
  NSA? I think its time to assume in any tor related security discussion that they can and that they do. I even ask myself why the tor network is existing at all. If the US wants to get rid of it they just would do. They just would say tho the governments of their cowardly "friends" that this is criminal and all these cowardly governments would shut them down immediately. Because this does not happpen I think two possiblilities are likely: - They have already broken tor but dont confess, being happy to gather even all traffic from those who believe they would be anonymous in the net. - They say: OK, we cant get that network under real control but its useful because we can benefit from that, so keep it up accepting that some are able to hide their activities. Objections, comments? Am Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013 schrieb Juan Garofalo: > > Got a couple of questions : > > What are the american nazis and their accomplices in the 'first world' 'free democracies' (like england and germany) actua
 lly doing? > > Can they record all internet traffic? Is there an estimate of the technical resources involved in doing so? > > Can they meaningfully browse all the data? For instance, can they track what, say, an internet home user in japan, or amerika, or russia does? Do the NSA nazis need 'direct' access to ISP records that they don't have, or they simply don't need any direct access to ISPs and can figure everything out by sorting packets? > > > Hi. > I know nothing but my Occam's Razor hunch is that things have been broken and they don't tell anyone. > If not, then they are close since gathering so much data will bring them closer to cracking things. > And I don't think it's off topic.tor-talk mailing list > tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-talk >
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