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Re: [tor-talk] Will Tor affect Internet Explorer? (newbie question)

On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 02:48:40PM -0700, Scott MacLeod wrote:
> How does Tor/Vidalia handle the issue of one's computer recording one's own
> key strokes unbeknownst to the end user

Not at all. Tor is a socks proxy, and Tor Browser Bundle is that plus
a Firefox fork which, if you use it correctly, can keep you safe when
you browse with it. If you have spyware installed, all bets are off.

>, in IE, in comparison with the
> somewhat new Tor Browser, or the issue of software that can take over one's
> computer, such as the Dell computer help desk software was able to do to
> help customers, with consent, back in the later 90s?

Again, all bets are off if you have some other program messing with things
on your computer. Don't run dangerous things. And if you aren't sure
(roughly nobody is sure), consider running a livecd system like Tails.


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