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[tor-talk] Feasability of Network Backbone growth via hardware rollout

I have an idea/question.

One of the business models I have been throwing around lately is a
multi-personal  networking system .     Users would buy a “box” plug it in
to the net, set up their account and go.  This would be able to tie into
their home network windows/mac files remotely.

However the main goal of the system is to offer a simple built in OS, with
a  facebook like networking experience, self hosted email, self hosted
picture storage and most importantly  a distributed computing platform
(should users opt in)  for encoding video, or doing compute intensive task
in photoshop, CAD, etc.  the idea is that, you can upload all your pictures
and network just like you do with facebook, but by storing it all locally,
you cant have your account shut down or censored (  I have personally had
facebook do this to me, for nothing more than “adding  friends…apparently
that’s harrasement to them… fuck if I know)

What my question is,  is how hard would it be to tie Tor into the package.
That way each of these “boxes” does all of the above, but also
automatically becomes a preconfigured, secure relay.  My thought is that
this would not only massively grow the amount of relays, but also give
users an anonymous, ad free, censor free, solution to social networking
that’s almost impossible to shut down, or fail.

Im not a computer engineer, or a programmer. This is just an idea I have.
I don’t like large server farms or companies having the ability  to
massively effect users in one  sweep. I want to build a “backbone” network
that can not be shut down outside of ISP’s physically cutting off the

Look forward to your replies

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