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Re: [tor-talk] Warning: 255 fake and booby trapped onion sites

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 6:32 PM, Nurmi, Juha <juha.nurmi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> headers looks fine.

Ahmia's are still slightly different, a flaw of sorts, they'll fix
that too. There have been different generations of the attack
and a number of different actors across different sectors. It's
primarily a money game and they're trying to play deep now.
But they'll never be able to beat the laws of math and physics.
There's a good amount of talk on the darknet forums about it
so even though there's no native fix possible at the Tor level,
at least people are more aware and have a few workarounds.
The social one seems to be relatively effective for the non
technical crowd... "What's the onion? a.h+m*ia.f$i. Ok, thx :)"
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