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[tor-talk] NATO CCDCOE - Publication on TOR - FYI


(in case you aren't aware of this,
 but it's an interesting read anyway,
 please note the last sentence of the introduction)

From the Publication Library of NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of

Technical and Legal Overview of the Tor Anonymity Network

In this paper an overview of the Tor anonymisation network is presented
from the technical perspective and also several legal issues related to
its use are analysed.

The technical part covers the Internet privacy tools and censorship
circumvention methods. Tor, which is a third-generation onion routing
system, was seen to be the most common and popular tool. However, there
are various issues which hinder the effectiveness of Tor. Some of them
arise from the properties of Tor, although others are related to user
mistakes or indirect matters which affect the system. Due to these
weaknesses, technical assessments show that providing 100% privacy is
not possible at this stage.

The legal section presents selected legal challenges related to the use
of Tor. The relationship between governments and Tor is discussed and
the usage of Tor by law enforcement is analysed. Also the usage of tor
is analysed from the human rights perspective. Anonymity is an integral
part of established human rights, and therefore a complete ban of Tor or
its indiscriminate monitoring would constitute an undue interference
with these rights.


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