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Re: [tor-talk] help needed to stress-test an onionbalanced HS - everyone is invited

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Here are some results after 24 hours:

- - there was no complaint (warn/error) on any of the Tor instances
(either on the master server running OnionBalance which is publishing
descriptors or on the failback server instances). This is good!

- - there was no warn/error in OnionBalance. The same instance is still
running smooth, no crashes. CPU/RAM usage in normal parameters all the
time. This is good!

Counts for successful connections in the last 24 hours:

Failback server #1: 19221
Failback server #2: 12286
Failback server #3: 42982
Failback server #4: 27691
Failback server #5: 34695
            TOTAL: 136875

Server #3 for example handled more than 3 times vs. server #2. I guess
this is the result of the random introduction points per descriptor
selection made by OnionBalance. This should rotate, so as more time
passes we will see smaller differences between the servers.

I have to say I am happy with the results. 136875 successful hits in
24 hours for a 140KB page is something. I feel this is far from the
maximum and it can handle a lot more - continue to stress test as much
as you can:



On 7/2/2015 9:38 AM, Josef 'veloc1ty' Stautner wrote:
> Hello s7r,
> I can confirm that it's working now. Round about 1 request out of
> 40 is rejected.
> ~Josr
> Am 02.07.2015 um 01:49 schrieb s7r:
>> It is up. Tested from multiple different places. It could be that
>> you got an older outdated but yet non-expired descriptor. I had
>> the HS running for testing before enabling OnionBalance (and
>> OnionBalance modifies descriptors, but for a while the previous
>> non-expired ones are still 'alive' in the network).
>> Should be fixed now. Please re-check and let me know.
>> On 7/1/2015 10:58 PM, Tyler Durden wrote:
>>> On 2015-07-01 21:17, Josef Stautner wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I wrote a litle script[1] to "contribute", but after a few
>>>> tries I get the following log lines.
>>>> Jul 01 21:11:07.000 [notice] Have tried resolving or
>>>> connecting to address '[scrubbed]' at 3 different places.
>>>> Giving up. Jul 01 21:11:24.000 [notice] Have tried resolving
>>>> or connecting to address '[scrubbed]' at 3 different places.
>>>> Giving up. Jul 01 21:11:44.000 [notice] Closing stream for
>>>> '[scrubbed].onion': hidden service is unavailable (try again
>>>> later). Jul 01 21:11:44.000 [notice] Closing stream for
>>>> '[scrubbed].onion': hidden service is unavailable (try again
>>>> later).
>>>> scrubbed is your mentioned hidden service. Is that a
>>>> temporary probleme?
>>>> ~Josef
>>>> [1] = https://gist.github.com/vlcty/d502111157fd1b8464e2
>>>> Am 01.07.2015 um 20:45 schrieb s7r:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Following the alpha release of OnionBlanace, I played with
>>>>> it today. It is easy to install and use, no advanced
>>>>> skills required. I will try to write tutorials and publish
>>>>> them, but it's pretty easy, basically it's just editing few
>>>>> config files. The existing documentation is neat and easy
>>>>> to understand.
>>>>> Using OnionBalance 0.1.1 Alpha and Tor,
>>>>> I have configured a hidden service (web site) running 
>>>>> OnionBalance with 5 failback servers (different Tor
>>>>> processes, different servers, etc.).
>>>>> What I want is to stress test it, and see how does
>>>>> OnionBalance spread the load between the failback servers
>>>>> (will count the hits on each server and make an average,
>>>>> see how they are rotated).
>>>>> For anyone who wants to help, please request/load the
>>>>> hidden service as much as possible and spread it around.
>>>>> For users who can, it might be helpful to add a cronjob
>>>>> under an unprivileged user to fetch the page via torified
>>>>> wget and send it to > dev/null or automate the process by
>>>>> other means. Simply stress test this hidden service like
>>>>> you hate it ;)
>>>>> The page is just some random generated text, plain static
>>>>> html (no javascript, no flash, other naughty stuff) and
>>>>> it's about 140KB.
>>>>> http://eujuuws2nacz4xw4.onion/
>>>>> The OnionBalance hidden service will stay up for 15 days. 
>>>>> During this time I will analyze the logs and count the hits
>>>>> on each server. I don't see what else I can count besides
>>>>> page hits - any other application optimizations behind a
>>>>> hidden service are not related to Tor. Results will be made
>>>>> public on the mail list. Hope this will help us understand
>>>>> better hidden service scalability and implement prop 224 in
>>>>> the best possible way, considering all aspects.
>>>>> Counting starts July 1st 2015 18:00 UTC.
>>>>> Thanks!
>>> Yes looks down from here
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