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Re: [tor-talk] OFTC and Tor

I've had issues for a long while now, which is why I'm just typically not on OFTC at all (because all connections fail as they're routed through Tor). Unfortunately, the trade-off of maintaining location security but not being available on IRC is one I have to make. Worth noting that OFTC didn't respond to a support request for this.


Juan Miguel Navarro MartÃnez wrote:
Tor access at Freenode has been taken down for 6 months because of abuse


As for OFTC, it's just exit node luck. Maybe if you know what node is
it, just exclude it on your torrc.

El 09/07/2015 a las 1:48, Sean Lynch escribiÃ:
On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 5:51 AM Pickfire <pickfire@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I hope that there is also a way to use tor with freenode other than

I wanted to use tor with freenode and oftc in pidgin. And it seems that the method "really hope that the exit I have isn't blocked" have a very,
very low probability. (about 10%)

I still haven't figured out how to use SSL in freenode and oftc.

I am fairly sure Freenode allows access through Tor if you are registered and authenticate with SASL. There might be some additional step required
beyond simple authentication; I recall Tor users complaining about the
requirement. But they may have just been complaining about Javascript or the need to use a valid email address? Not sure if SSL is required to auth, but you should really be using it. You need to use port 6697, 7000, or 7070
for SSL.

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