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Re: [tor-talk] evidence that Tor isn't "amoral"?

Ah, I see the zionist in Hollywood are at it again, demonizing
technology which supports free speech and anonymity.

Drew Fustini wrote:
> Greetings - I am a Tor Browser user and also an operator of a couple
> Tor relays.  I believe the Tor Project has a noble mission.
> An online friend recently claimed to me that "amoral content is a huge
> portion of the exit node traffic".  I believe by "amoral" he meant
> sexual exploitation.  The conversation was sparked by my complaint
> that the new show "Mr. Robot" couldn't resist introducing Tor in the
> same breath as child porn.
> I don't believe that the majority of Tor traffic is "amoral", but I
> would like to find data to support my belief.  Anyone know of such
> research or statistics?
> Thanks!
> Drew
> https://keybase.io/pdp7
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