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Re: [tor-talk] OnionBalance Hidden Service has over 1 million successful hits in just 3 days

I was the operator of the following user-agents on 5 different virtual servers:

- i am helping\\!
- i am also helping\\!
- i am also in on this.
- me too\\!
- late to the party but here i am\\!

I have very rudimentary stats (request start, curl exit code, request stop) as I didn't spend much time setting these up. Each server was configured to restart tor every X minutes in hopes of setting up new circuits.

Requests ended shortly before this email.

- i am helping\\! X=10; exit status 0 = 1142748
- i am also helping\\! X=15; exit status 0 = 1176423
- i am also in on this. X=16; exit status 0 = 1258477
- me too\\! X=20; exit status 0 = 1267831
- late to the party but here i am\\! X=10; exit status 0 = 786205

I wish I could have done more but it's something at least.

About the lack of 'In-Reply-To': new email account.

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