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Re: [tor-talk] evidence that Tor isn't "amoral"?

On Wed, 15 Jul 2015 08:16:15 +0000
Lara <lara.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You simply don't understand that users's world. In there, his mother
> becoming pregnant is a political statement, heck, even going to the
> toilet can be an act of support for or against the government, In that
> twisted world the government is a person that conspires to do stuff.


	"Tor preserves the ability of persons...under the surveillance
	of repressive regimes to obtain a global perspective " 

	Now, go ahead, show a shred of intellectual honesty (you've
	none)  and apply your same 'anti conspiracy' bullshit to
	US-tor propaganda. 

	"Repressive regimes"? What's that? You believe in evil
	governments from the 5th dimension after all? 

	By the way, your nonsense about me believing that government is
	"a person" shows you're out of touch with reality. Or just a
	dumb liar.

> Pretty much like any abrahamic god. That miracle government is trying
> to kill Snowden or the Iraquis, and probably is having lunch some
> place posh as you are reading this.
> You can spot this kind of user easy: use and abuse of vague pronouns
> (we, you -- in the collective sense) and the abstractions that become
> human-like. So the government or a bank have a will of their own. The
> problem lies in their disgustingly insignificant lives: at day they
> sweep some metaphorical floor in an office somewhere, at night
> superhero. 

	LMAO. No, that's you. You sweep floors while you fancy you're
	some kind of 'privacy activist' (or pretend to be) when you're
	nothing but the lapdog of some US government propaganda

> And all these gods and elites are presonally losing sleep
> over that user's very being. Thus he needs the best encryption and the
> best anonymity.

	What anonimity? 

> Cheers

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