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Re: [tor-talk] Profiling Tor users via keystrokes

win10 analyses keystrokes by default:

"Windows 10 generates advertising-IDs for everyone. The informations
Win10 transmitts by default are (among other things):

- location of device
- browser history
- favorites
- which Aaps are installed from the windows store
- and data for input-personification. this includes biometrical data of
pronunciation (cortana), writing style (handwirting) and how the user
types on windows devices."

but you can opt-out for many options.

( quick translation from my side, original news article is in german:

On 31.07.2015 10:10, spencerone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
>>> flapflap:
>>> http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/07/how-the-way-you-type-can-shatter-anonymity-even-on-tor/
>>> says that apparently it's possible to deanonymise Tor users by analysing
>>> their keystrokes in input fields of websites.
>>> Is there need for modifications in the Tor Browser Bundle/upstream
>>> Firefox?
>> grarpamp:
>> A keystroke reclocker / normalizer might be better integrated
>> as part of the keyboard driver in your OS. You'd only need to
>> code it once, and could tune it to suit you however you want.
>> Try checking with your OS.
> Keystroke spoofing would only circumvent interception attacks, right? 
> It seems destination-based form/packet-grabbing could still profile people.
> Is there a public keylogger that reveals what it sees so people can case
> test?  TorMirror?
> Wordlife,
> Spencer
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