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Re: [tor-talk] love! and a question

On 2015-07-31 10:48, John Loughlin wrote:
Dearest Tor,

Before I download you and start loving you, let's have a little "*dtr." *I
have one question:

How do I know that sundry spies out there will *not*, while I'm downloading
you/signing-up the first time, steal my log-in creds *on the spot *and
follow me right into Tor land?


I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but with Tor there
is no sign-up process. You download the browser and use it just like
you use your other browsers (after having read the warnings:



Adversaries CAN steal your login credentials to other websites
(social networks, email, etc.) if you type them into a website that
does not use HTTPS encryption. This is true of all browsers,
including Tor Browser. You can usually tell if your connection is
HTTPS-protected because the address in the address bar begins with
'https://' rather than 'http://'.

I hope that helps. This is a public mailing list for discussion about
Tor's design, so if you have any other general questions about Tor please
see if they are covered by the FAQ:



The question probably reveals me for the non-techie ignoramus I am. But
still...âI have secretive (tho' *legal *and *ethical!*) things to do once I
get there, and I want only the eyes I choose to see what I'm doing.

Alms for the Ignoramus?


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