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Re: [tor-talk] Accuracy of speed tests over Tor

On 7/5/16, gdfg dfgf <torrio888@xxxxxx> wrote:
> how  accurate are this results?
> https://imgur.com/a/6cZjf

Be sure whatever tool you're using is not in fact bypassing tor.
Browsers are often a quick hack, better standalone tools exist
for more accurate / in depth analysis.

Beware poor use of terms "ping" is specific (icmp over ip)
yet tor unfortunately only supports tcp, so if via tor, whatever
they're testing there it's not "ping". Though at least they use
"Mbps" consistent with network contexts, instead of MBps.

Other than that, yes, many overlay networks have good
useability. Especially if users multitask and reform any
"must leech it all right fucking now or cry like baby"
mentality into sensible queing value in their lives.

People use IRC/SSH, voice, video, torrent over these
networks. Your performance may vary.

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