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Re: [tor-talk] These Maps Show What the Dark Web Looks Like

On 07/06/2016 21:10, Sean Lynch wrote:
Agree with the need for decentralized architectures, though ZeroNet is only
part of the way there. It's fine for small, static sites, blogs, and small
chat rooms, but the mail and ID services are each controlled by one
individual, and all their data are flooded to all users. We really need a
platform on which to build decentralized apps, more like Freenet or Gnunet.

ZeroNet actually comes very close to a completely decentralized web. The sites aren't static, they are very dynamic, modern looking, with JavaScript and css. ZeroNet sites aren't censorable. User comments propagate to everybody and are automatically displayed in the real time. Their mail is also fully distributed. Every site is controlled by somebody, but everything has to be controlled by some entities. Nothing is really self-organizing. You can also clone any site, including ZeroMail, and control the clone yourself. As for the Freenet and Gnunet, they both are very much dead. I think ZeroNet is among the best recently emerged technologies.

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