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[tor-talk] Tails prevents MAC changes as design feature

I have issues with network interfaces, like wlan0, changing back to what
the system wants.   This is not what I want.


- Start Tails (MAC Address Spoofing: On)
- Plug in network card (wlan0)
- macchanger assigns wlan0 random MAC string
- Bring wlan0 down
- Set new MAC string (macchanger or other tools)
- Bring wlan0 up
- macchanger changes new MAC string to Tails' NIC-only MAC string

This did not happen in older versions and may very well be a bug.

If not, what development decisions have gone into making this change and
why are they better than me changing my MAC and having the system
respect that?

Why continue with the insecure model of changing NIC only?  Willfully
leaking network device manufacturer info is irresponsible.

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