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[tor-talk] Anecdotical experience of SSH MITM

Hi, I report an experience I seem to have made.
In recent weeks I was occasionally prompted with
a wrong SSH key for my server, like this:

RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:DcXN8UTcDaCz7N1BoUXc9H8yUAs4gxiy37Y1+BDIhUU.

Today I was fast enough to look up the stream
list, using remotor:

2602 SUCCEEDED 1183 [destination-host-scrapped]:2222

Yes, the intervention happened on a non-standard
ssh port. I looked up the circuit in the circuit
status list (the "1183"):

1183 BUILT [entry-guard-scrapped],jaures3,coriandolino c

To ensure the circuit hadn't changed while I looked it
up, I tried connecting again, resulting in the same false
certificate prompt.

Next I hit 'new identity' and was able to log in without
disruptions over some other friendly exit node.

Thank you for your attention in the matter.
Make your own deductions.

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