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[tor-talk] .onion eat http 413 errors


I am working on a web site that allow users to post big files.

Because some people don't use javascript, and because I don't want to use the 
PHP limit where an error message such as "Sorry uploads are limited to 1MB" 
appears *after* the user spent many hours uploading a 1GB file, I am trying to 
use the good old 413 errors generated by apache LimitRequestBody directive, or 
simmilar stuff from nginx.

It works ok when I use TorBundle to post on my regular https://example.com/ 
site. I get my nice HTTP 413 error page with custom explanations.

But when I use the .onion address to do a big post, I always get a generic 
"The connection was reset" message, and no http error code, nor customized 
error message.
It's a bit like if the browser doesn't even try to read the answer before the 
connection with the POST is hang by the server, when the .onion is used.

Did any one already experience that behaviour?
Any known work around?
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