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Re: [tor-talk] Bridges and Tor Browser on macOS

Nathaniel Suchy:
> Hi,
> Obfuscating when I use the Tor Network and the Tor Browser Bundle is
> important to me.
> An ISP can easily pull the built in obfs4 bridges from the saved torrc file
> after installing the Tor Browser Bundle. They can then determine any
> connections to those IP Addresses are likely Tor traffic and treat the
> traffic differently.
> As such my first thought is to get bridges from
> https://bridges.torproject.org/ however when I open up Tor Network settings
> and add them (both OBFS4 and non-OBFS4) the Tor circuit won’t establish.
> There is not a “problem” with the built in bridges other than a skilled
> adversary knowing it’s Tor traffic which is something I would like to avoid
> if possible.
> I’m using the Tor Browser Bundle on macOS High Sierra if this information
> helps with finding the problem.
> What can I do to try and solve this problem?

I think a good start would be to describe in more detail what you did.
Did you copy a bunch of bridge lines you got from BridgeDB into the
input box? If so, I assume you got them via
https://bridges.torproject.org? If so, did you make sure that each of
them is actually running at the moment you tried to use them? Do you
have log output showing what is happening under the hood?


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