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NTLM proxy support needed

Hello TOR developers,

Please add a function of NTLM authorization (domain authorization)
proxy support, because in my lan environment the fascist proxy maybe
MS proxy which needs not only the username/password but also domain.
I've tried to use "domain\username" as username but it doesn't work.
Fortunately, I found a software named "NTLM Authorization Proxy
Server" which is a proxy-like software, that will authorize client at
MS proxy server and at web servers (ISS especially) using MS
proprietary NTLM authorization method (it can change some values in
client's request header so that those requests will look like ones
made by MS IE). Thus the NTML proxy looks like a basic or non
authorization proxy. It is written in Python language so it's a open
source software (http://ntlmaps.sourceforge.net).
So, would TOR developers please consider adding this function with
referrence of the source code metioned before?

Best regards,