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Re: tor+torbutton without privoxy doesn't work

Audie Murphy wrote:

> How did you do the uninstall?

First I just uninstalled Privoxy with uninstall.command bash script, but
it didn't worked - there still was the error.

Secondly I tried uninstall.AppleScript script but I got an error "Too
many errors" that told me that uninstallation was impossible.

At the end I just used uninstall_tor_bundle.sh script, everything went
'ok'. I installed only 'Tor' and 'Tor startup'. I restarted my Mac. But
after opening Firefox there was the proxy error. I uninstalled
everything and installed it another time and still the same...

I searched with /usr/bin/find for anything with privoxy in its name but
no results - it's not because of Privoxy.

IMHO it's a problem with Tor config or Torbutton but I have no clue -
I'm not an informatitian - just a guy that knows how to use google ; )