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Re: what happened to Tor's network?

On Fri, Jun 02, 2006 at 04:35:50PM -0700, Rouslan Nabioullin wrote:
> What has happened to Tor's network usage today?
> http://www.noreply.org/tor-running-routers/totalTrafficBiWeekly.html
> http://www.noreply.org/tor-running-routers/totalTrafficMonthly.html
> Does the chart automatically reduce the plot after the current time?

The graph is wrong. Tor is still as it was -- slowly growing.

This data comes from reports published by Tor servers about
how much bandwidth they've used lately. The site grabs all the
numbers it can find and adds them up.  But since Tor servers only
publish every 18 hours or so if nothing much has changed, it's
under-reporting for the latest 24 hours -- it only has some of the
data points. That's why there's a linear fall-off at the end of, say,

Peter just changed the code that generates the graph, to not graph the
latest 24 hours. Hopefully this will fix it.