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Re: refresh of tor directory

Yes, all tor servers have publicly known IPs and as a result, a query of the directory servers by the police could reveal you are a tor server. Also, they could check your ISP logs.
On 6/7/06, Matej Kovacic <matej.kovacic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a question regarding Tor directory. How often is it refreshed? Is
there any history of al Tor points with IP addresses?

I am asking this in case of you are under investigation because someone
abused your Tor exit node, and you have encrypted hard drive. Let's say
you don't want to reveal your keys - is there any other way to prove you
have been running Tor exit server?

BTW: I have seen http://tor.noreply.org/tor/,
http://www.noreply.org/tor-running-routers/ and

P. S. I am writing some legal FAQ for slovenian users, that's why I need
this information.

bye, Matej