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Re: tor+torbutton without privoxy doesn't work

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 10:00:06PM +0200, es_uomikim@xxxxx wrote 0.5K bytes in 12 lines about:
: I had installed Tor+Privoxy on my Mac, but Privoxy started pissing me
: off. I uninstalled Privoxy and Firefox with Tor didn't work - I got the
: "The proxy server is refusing connections" error. I uninstalled whole
: pack, restarted my computer, installed only Tor and Tor-startup package,
: updated Torbutton. I changed config in Torbutton not to use Privoxy and
: I still get the same error... I cannot use Tor... Can I use Tor without
: Privoxy? Is it possible?

	You'll need to change FireFox and the OSX proxy settings to just
	use SOCKS5 on localhost port 9050.  If you don't have Privoxy
	running, obviously you can't point applications at port 8118.
	To be clear, remove the settings for HTTP, HTTPS, Gopher, FTP in
	the proxy settings, and only set the SOCKS line.  

	Torbutton 1.04 provides an option for disabling Privoxy
	configuration in Firefox, but still using Tor.  Unfortunately,
	addons.mozilla.org doesn't provide 1.04 yet.  The latest is
	available at http://freehaven.net/~squires/torbutton/