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Re: Torrc configurator

> tor_user,
> I think questions 1 & 2 & 11 would be confusing to someone who
> needs to use the configurator. To them I think they would
> want to be a client or server so perhaps change question
> 1 & 2 & 11 to combine them:
> a) client (donate bandwidth, use tor)
> b) man in the middle (donate bandwidth, don't use tor)
> c) server (donate bandwidth & IP address, use tor by default)
> I would also try to incorporate a port checker, to tell them
> if the port is Tx/Rxing correctly or is firewalled/unreachable.
> You may also want to add logging options.

> Steve

Hello, and thanks for the feedback.  It is much appreciated.
The object of this web page is indeed to make it as easy as possible
to get a tor server or client up and running as easily as possible. 

Of course, you can run a client out of the box, but running a server
needs a bit more configuring.  I am trying to make it as easy as
and the least intimidating as possible so that we can encourage people
run more tor servers to help out the network.

I take your point, Steve, about perhaps phrasing the server?/client?
in a different way.  Does anyone else agree or disagree that this would
easier to understand for the average user?

Also.  I could easily include logging, but do you think the average
user will look at tor log files?  Remember, this page is aimed at
non-technical users up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

I welcome your thoughts,


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