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resolve_my_address() error messages

I'm getting the following message about once an hour when I run on a windows server 2003 machine:

Jun 28 01:11:08.173 [warn] resolve_my_address(): Could not resolve local Address 'hyperion.selfip.net'. Failing.
Jun 28 01:11:08.173 [warn] check_descriptor_ipaddress_changed(): options->Address didn't resolve into an IP.

Running the same version (same configuration) on darwin i386, I don't get the message. The DNS server that both are looking at is on the server 2003 machine. Even with this error, everything seems to be working fine - the tor dir servers show it as up the entire time, it seems to have traffic flowing through it, the dns server is working ok, nat is set up correctly. the server is elysium.

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