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Re: setting up port forwarding for tor server

Hi Rouslan,

As far as I know, when using the default ports at least you need is port
80 and 443, at least that's what used as the two default ports (dirport
and orport). From what I know, as a middlenode you only will need 80 and
443 but I'm not completely sure. I only forwarded these ports (had 21
mapped anyway) and the Tor server ran fine.


Rouslan Nabioullin schrieb:
> I am going to run a tor server (middle position-not exit) and I need
> to know which ports exactly I need to open for inbound\outbound on the
> router.
> The server is already going to run ports 80, 443, 20, 21 and
> bittorrent in addition to tor.
> I could not find a clear answer in the faq.
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