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Some of my observations on runing new alpha version of Tor

Yesterday I downloaded and installed newest alpha version of Tor and
installed it as a service under windows XP Pro using command Tor.exe
(it was a new install after frersh windows instalation so no config
files or Tor directories were present)

the service was created but ..
Tor directory was created ok under C:\Documents and
Settings\LocalService\Dane aplikacji\
(im using Polish localized version of windows)
the contents of Tor directory were as follows
cached-status (subdirectory)

there was no torrc file created so i made one myself
when i did this and tried to restart Tor service it failed with an error
Contents of system log

Typ zdarzenia:	Błąd
Źródło zdarzenia:	Service Control Manager
Kategoria zdarzenia:	Brak
Identyfikator zdarzenia:	7023
Data:		2007-06-10
Godzina:		13:12:46
Użytkownik:		Brak
Komputer:	xxx
Usługa Tor Win32 Service zakończyła działanie; wystąpił następujący błąd:
W usłudze wystąpił wyjątek podczas obsługi żądania kontroli.

Aby znaleźć więcej informacji, zobacz
http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp w Centrum pomocy i obsługi
I then started to change things in torrc and figured out that enabling
any options related to Tor server functions triggers this error
(everything works just fine if Tor runs as client only)
Any attempt to set any of the options related to server
functionalities ie Orport or nickname results in an error

Then I tried to run Tor as nonservice from my local nonadmin account
and Tor started as server normally
So for now im using Tor from separate unprivileged user account

Any suggestions how to solve this situation would be welcome