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Re: Tor is out

phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 04:00:46PM +0200, fredzupy@xxxxxxxxx wrote 0.4K bytes in 15 lines about:
> : I am testing the options RelayBandwidthRate and RelayBandwidthBurst. I
> : note, using the utility iftop that the band-width consumed by Tor (in
> : the absence of any client connection) largely exceeds the limits. Did
> : somebody observe the same behavior?
> 	I have not seen this behavior.   The RelayBandwidthRate and
> 	RelayBandwidthBurst directives seem to fine for me.  In this
> 	case, 250KB/500KB as expected.

Hi phobos,

Did you leave the old options BandwidthRate and BandwidthBurst?
Personally I completely removed them. If I set them, it works like
before, if I remove them the bandwidth increases drastically.
For example :
with the options
BandwidthRate 50 KB
BandwidthBurst 60 KB  -> download rate  : ~50KB/s  upload Rate : ~50KB/s

With the following options only :
RelayBandwidthRate 50 KB
RelayBandwidthBurst 60 KB
I obtain download rate ~95KB/s upload rate : ~95KB which is pretty close
to the upload limit of my line.

I don't touch any more the configuration during a few times to see how
that evolves.