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James: You just mailed a list of hundreds of people, telling them
"unsiscribe".  This isn't how you get off mailing lists.  Try
following the instructions that have appeared in the headers of every
or-talk emails you've ever received:

  X-To-Get-Off-This-List: mail majordomo@xxxxxxxx, body unsubscribe or-talk

In other words, mail majordomo@xxxxxxxx , with the line "unsubscribe
or-talk" in the mail body.

Ringo (and others): If you really think that you need to say
inaccurate, unhelpful stuff (like "You are not allowed to"), please
don't CC the entire list with it.  Signal-to-noise issues *are* a
problem.  Please don't be part of the noise.

many thanks,
Nick Mathewson

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