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HTTP-mirror for incognito-live-CD


there is a faster HTTP-mirror for the icognito live CD online. You may
add it to the project page. I will watch the OR-Talk for update
announces and update the mirror as soon as possible:


You may use SSL encrypted download too:


The certificate of the server is signed by StartCom.org. No problems
with FF and Konqueror, but it seems, IE does not like it.

--------- little bit off-topic ----------


At freshmeat.net you may find a small SMTP-server for mixminion written
in Perl:


It relays outbound emails from your favorite email client to the
mixminion remailer network. It is possible, to start the server as
daemon at boot time. The archiv contains a Sys-V-init script. By default
the server is listen at for incoming SMTP requests.

May be, it is possible to add it to incognito? (for Thunderbird users)

------------ end off-topic -------------------

Karsten N.