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Re: FF plugins DNS leaks

Hey Marc,

Have you heard of JanusVM?  It will still allow you to use plugins with FF and not worry about leaking DNS.  JanusVM is a transparent proxy that directs all your TCP traffic from any application (Firefox, IE, AIM, IRC, etc...) to Tor.  This prevents any FF plugins from revealing your IP.  All DNS queries are also resolved through Tor, so you can be sure your ISP doesn't know where your going.

I use both ShowIP and GeoIP with JanusVM to make sure it's working correctly and routing my traffic through Tor.  You can also go to our website and on the left we tell you if you are exiting through a Tor node or not.  Hope this helps.

(same site, just got the .com a few days ago)

- Kyle

On 6/19/07, Marc Stossel <zwchten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is horrible! I just found wireshark and it is GeoIP.Info
location! The packets showed the contents of my request, even when it
has gone through tor and the source and destination were all correct.

I cannot tell about netcrafttoolbar, nor about showip. Still learning
to use wireshark. Do these two also leak dns?