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Re: Received http status code 503 ("Directory unavailable") from server

Look through src/or/connection.c for "Directory unavailable". This
happens when you try to ask for a v1-style directory object (either
a full directory or a running-routers list), and the directory mirror
doesn't have a suitable copy yet.

Most commonly this is because the server just started and hasn't found
a copy it likes yet.

With more and more Tor servers upgrading to 0.1.2.x and later, it will
become increasingly rare to find copies of the v1 directory objects (since
they will decline to serve them more often, sending a "503 Directory busy,
try again later").

Thanks very much for your reply Roger.

I just checked the server you queried, and got a 503 as you say.

Then I queried it for /tor/server/authority and it told me it had an
uptime of 3 seconds (as of earlier today) and was named 'zealand'. The
IP and nickname aren't mentioned in any network-status documents I can

Perhaps this is in your own private Tor network? Anything else you
aren't mentioning? :)

Don't even get me started on information compartmentalization it'll get complicated very quickly.