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ANNOUNCE: Polipo 1.0.1

Dear all,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Polipo-1.0.1, which you will
find on


For more information about Polipo, please see


This version tweaks Polipo's default behaviour with respect to sites
hidden behind an HTTP/1.0 front-end proxy (such as Wikipedia) to make
it slightly more aggressive.  It also adds a number of completely
pointless options that were requested by the tor crowd.  It fixes
a possible crash that happened when using some of the more exotic
cache-control options.  Finally, it fixes a serious descriptor leak
under Windows.

Upgrading is not necessary if you're under Unix or using the Cygwin
port, but strongly recommended if you're using the native Windows binary.


25 June 2007: Polipo 1.0.1:

        Made Polipo slightly more aggressive when speaking to
        HTTP/1.0 servers (thanks to Fabian Keil for noticing that).
        Fixed a crash that would happen when a client used
        Cache-Control: only-if-cached, and the object was not in cache.
        (Reported by F. Zappa, A. Patala and V. Ghosal.)
        Fixed a descriptor leak when running under Windows.
        Made Polipo optionally drop connections after servicing
        a number of connections (maxConnectionAge and maxConnectionRequests).

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