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Tor Traffic Problems

Hi everyone,

just as Michael last week, I'm having huge problems with the tor
bandwidth usage.
It just won't stick to the limits.

Background info:
I'm running tor on SUSE 9.3; smooth and stable so far. To test
it, I turned it up to the default speed last night, reaching the 3 MBit
marks in each direction without producing any warnings or errors.

My torrc is as follows:
BandwidthRate 110 KB
BandwidthBurst 150 KB
ExitPolicy accept *:80,accept *:443,accept *:6660-6667,reject *:*
ExitPolicyRejectPrivate 1

My traffic monitor tells me that traffic is not even close to these values:
http://kleinhirn.org/monitor.png & http://kleinhirn.org/monitor2.png
[For those who don't like images: 6h-Average of ingoing traffic 275KB/s,
outgoing 384KB/s, maximum of 900KB/s and 700KB/s]

With virtually all of the traffic being generated by tor (restarted tor
at 11.14 this morning according to the log; before there was almost no
traffic at all).

Now, the question is: what did I do wrong..? Of course I could just use
the Accounting options (which worked fine for me last night), but that
would disable the directory mirror. Plus, I'd like to know where the
mistake is and not just build a work-around ;)

I appreciate your help


cerebellum - tor on SUSE 9.3