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[ANNOUNCE] Incognito Live CD / USB r172


Incognito r172 is released. Changes are:

    * Added TrueCrypt encryption for home volume. This is used when running 
from a USB drive to persist your settings across sessions. If you create a 
volume large enough you can store files, etc.
    * Replaced ChatZilla with XChat on both tiny and full CDs. This is 
especially for the tiny version since ksirc is on the full. I think XChat is 
more widely used and is actually smaller.
    * Upgraded noscript to 1.1.5.
    * Upgraded kopete Off The Record integration to 0.5
    * Added digitial signatures for ISOs, see the download article for links.
    * Fix in create USB script for location of a utility program (vol_id from 
    * Cosmetic fix: Remove the messages overwriting the boot screen when 
setting up the firewall (iptables, etc.)


Pat Double, pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Ye must be born again." - John 3:7

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