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Re: de-Tor-iorate Anonymity

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Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2008 9:24:09 PM
Subject: Re: de-Tor-iorate Anonymity

In particular, I found this line interesting:

"as well as show results from *A* Tor network that reveals the paths
that data travels when using Tor. This method can make using the Tor
network no more secure than using a simple open web proxy."

Notice the A in asterisks. This makes me think that the attack may have
been done on a private Tor network (rather than the main, public one).

If that's true, it's a far cry from carrying it out on the real Tor
network. Conditions are far more chaotic, and - most importantly - nodes
are spread out over many jurisdictions, in different countries, under
the control of many parties.
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Attacking the main public Tor network would have massive ethical repercussions. They should, of course, address the scalability of their attack vector.