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Re: relay tidbits...

Kyle Williams wrote:

> And just for the record, I choose not to run a Tor exit node because I have
> seen first hand what types of filth it was being used for, and I don't
> support that shit.
> Seriously about %25 percent of my HTTP traffic was for porn...kiddy porn at
> that....so I said "fuck that" and shut down my node a long, long time ago.

Do you run a middleman now and will you tell what its fingerprint is?
I'm surprised about how eagerly you admit to being exactly the kind of
person you need to protect against.

Are you the Kyle that is involved in a certain semi-notorious privacy
service that claims to be safer than Tor? Whose CEO can't sleep at
night because of all those honeypot exits in the anonymity network he
named his company after?  Caveat emptor.