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Re: OpenSolaris?

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 9:33 AM, Wesley Kenzie <wkenzie@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... I'm investigating using Amazon EC2
> and OpenSolaris on my server to address scalability.

i'm confused.  you want to run a node on Solaris on EC2 to achieve
higher throughput?

this is not likely to work as well as you expect, as the current
implementation of Tor has a hard time utilizing multiple processors
for the bottleneck crypto operations.  a grid computer with multiple
virtual cores is likely to have the same issues with load

you will most likely be limited by the crypto power of a single
virtual core, regardless of how many are configured.

i'd be interested to hear how this experiment goes, if you do try it.

for better performance, you might consider using hardware crypto
offload to improve throughput.  this is known to work to well, and
some crypto acceleration is effective enough that the
compression/decompression is now the bottleneck for a Tor router.
there are a number of such add in cards and even some CPU's with
crypto acceleration built in (VIA padlock).

best regards,