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Tor is out

Tor adds a few features we left out of the earlier release
candidates. In particular, we now include an IP-to-country GeoIP database,
so controllers can easily look up what country a given relay is in,
and so bridge relays can give us some sanitized summaries about which
countries are making use of bridges. (See proposal 126-geoip-fetching.txt
for details.)

The bundles also come with Torbutton 0.1.2rc1 (which includes preliminary
support for Firefox 3) and the new Vidalia 0.1.3 release.


Changes in version - 2008-06-03
  o Major features:
    - Include an IP-to-country GeoIP file in the tarball, so bridge
      relays can report sanitized summaries of the usage they're seeing.

  o Minor features:
    - Add a "PURPOSE=" argument to "STREAM NEW" events, as suggested by
      Robert Hogan. Fixes the first part of bug 681.
    - Make bridge authorities never serve extrainfo docs.
    - Add support to detect Libevent versions in the 1.4.x series
      on mingw.
    - Fix build on gcc 4.3 with --enable-gcc-warnings set.
    - Include a new contrib/tor-exit-notice.html file that exit relay
      operators can put on their website to help reduce abuse queries.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - When tunneling an encrypted directory connection, and its first
      circuit fails, do not leave it unattached and ask the controller
      to deal. Fixes the second part of bug 681.
    - Make bridge authorities correctly expire old extrainfo documents
      from time to time.

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