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Re: Phish filters on exit nodes

Geoff Down wrote:
> Hi,
>  I work in antiphishing, and use Tor to access some phish sites.
> Today I got an OpenDNS Phish Warning page instead of the phish I was
> trying to see. The site was visible with Tor switched off.
>  Is there a policy regarding content filtering at exit nodes?
> I recorded the 'Connections' data at the time, is there any point in
> trying to work out the exit node involved and trying to contact them?

Try visiting the OpenDNS preferences page from that node. Someone other
than the Admin of the node may have enabled the OpenDNS anti-phishing

You may also just want to email the admin of the Exit node and ask in
the first place...

(Disclaimer, once in another lifetime, I worked on OpenDNS and it may
not even be possible to change the preferences of a given IP address in
such a way anymore...)

Jacob Appelbaum