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Problem w/ Using tor(k) for Geostreaming Live-Videos

Hi there,

here offers German Tv a live stream for soccer matches of the euro 2008! 

It is shielded by geostreaming! And even more, since due to some
technical stuff on their side, not all German IPs are allowed accidentally..

Thus I need to use tor in order to become another German IP via an exit node, so that I can also watch them in real time!

mplayer -playlist http_proxy://

It seems that tor is checking out the url in the "playlist" file but then goes there straight without the proxy? I have tried also regular German
public proxies like http://www.publicproxyservers.com/page1.html but no success either.. It is an rtsp stream after all, the live video...

How can I run tor(k) so that I can view the games???


PS: Please reply to the list and to my email address so that I can read the replies before the daily digest with the others topics of this list..

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