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Re: Time synchronization on tor servers and tor clients

     On Thu, 12 Jun 2008 18:00:38 -0400 basile <basile@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I had an experience a few months ago in which I was running a tor
>client in a virtual machine.  Because of the way I'd configured
>vmware, the clock of the virtual machine drifted significantly.  After
>a while it was off by days --- the machine had been up about a month.
>Anyhow, I noticed that tor wasn't working correctly in that it wasn't
>making connections to entry guards.  When I would restart the daemon,
>I could tell that it was starting up connections, but after a while
>these all died.
>So, my question is, does tor depend explicitly or implicitly on time
>synchronization?  Perhaps via the "published" line in the
>cached-routers list?
     Did you check the log file(s)?  There were most likely at least
several complaints issued by tor.

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