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Re: Blocked by my ISP?

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 02:05:49PM -0700, Luis Maceira wrote:
> Jun 15 16:22:23.376 [notice] Tor opening log
> file.

You should be aware that you're using a Tor that was released almost 10
months ago. Perhaps you're not using the right debian repository to keep
up to date?

> Jun 15 16:40:14.427 [warn] Received http status code
> 400 ("Bad Request") from server ''
> while fetching
> "/tor/server/d/BAFD4D5D2E0D98ADE50B3AC116F69909100C805C+BB1E75B4C8215DF5F4F18F50879318EF711426C7+BCA7AFCA9D852E4C7BF94DE1ACDC3FF8AA491854+BD44604B5840117E78FE65667FD94220D623F01E+BE667C6ED0748DF529AB9A690B68EC589ECF8B6B+BEC4F949D3E50E8A8FBD
> ....  several lines(30 or 40) like the above 2 lines!!!

Could be that your ISP is filtering certain requests it doesn't like.

I would suggest upgrading to Tor It fetches directory
information in a different way, so it probably doesn't do the action
that your ISP is trying to filter.

> Jun 15 16:40:50.287 [notice] Tor has successfully
> opened a circuit. Looks like client functionality is
> working.

This is weird to see here. It looks like you succeeded at getting enough
directory information and establishing a circuit. So your Tor ought to
work. Perhaps this is because you had directory information from using
Tor recently when it wasn't filtered?

> I am not able to use the Tor Network,I use Debian
> Linux everything well-installed,but the logs are as
> above everytime,and not once I could use Tor.
> So I suspect that my ISP blocks Tor.

That sounds like a reasonable guess.

> Note:I use tor-button with
> firefox.torcheck.xenobite.eu
> always tells me tor not in place,the same using
> showmyip.com the IP is my ISP IP.

That makes it sound like you've screwed up your proxy settings. If your
ISP blocks Tor, then your Tor requests ought to time out or otherwise
fail. Not work and show up as being your own local IP address.

So in summary, "maybe, but it sounds like you're confused about enough
that I can't really guess."