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Blocked by my ISP?-Solved.But Additional Question.

The communication between Privoxy and Tor was not
set up correctly in the configuration files,it is 
OK now.Additionaly some things in the logs were
due to entrynodes and exitnodes restrict options
in my torrc.Anyway I downloaded and compiled the
most recent Tor which is run now from /usr/local/
when I need,and not when the computer boots(the
default in debian). http://check.torproject.org
tells me that everything is OK.

The question: can I use the FQDN or IP preferably,
instead of nicknames,in torrc entrynodes,exclude
nodes,exitnodes options?I have read something
lately about the functioning of the Tor system,
and it seems the directory servers/client initial
dialog to determine the running nodes is protected
by strong authentication,but when I access
a listing of running nodes(by country,etc.)
using https://stat.xenobite.eu(for example) with a
webbrowser,how do I have assurance that the
nicknames correspond to the real IP address?

Does Tor check based on the strong authenticated
listing received upon initial dialog with the
directory servers the authenticity of the pairs
nicknames/computers we could set up in exitnodes etc.
of torrc?