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Re: OnionCat -- An IP-Transparent TOR Hidden Service Connector

On Tuesday 24 June 2008, 7v5w7go9ub0o wrote:
> Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> > OnionCat creates a transparent IPv6 layer on top of TOR's hidden
> > services. It transmits any kind of IP-based data transparently through
> > the TOR network on a location hidden basis.  You can think of it as a
> > point-to-multipoint VPN between hidden services.
> >
> > See
> >
> > http://www.abenteuerland.at/onioncat/
> >
> > for further information.
> >
> > Bernhard
> Thank you for creating this interesting tool!
> It installed easily and works well (well..... after I compiled in IPv6
> support, prompted by an OnionCat diagnostic) :-)
> My hope is to use OnionCat on my laptop to VNC via TOR to my home
> computer using nomachine NX. Is that kind of use possible with OC?
> Thanks again.

Yes, this should work. But why would you like to do this? TOR's hidden 
services are not very fast even though no exit nodes are required.
And if you connect to your own computer, anonymity is not an issue.
If you only want to have encryption I suggest to use ssh oder openvpn.


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